• Dead ManSecrets and Bow Ties, the third book in the Secrets series, is now live. This book too is a standalone, picking up the story of Olly's rommate Dylan, from Secrets and Charms. Bow Ties is probably the most madcap of all the books. More
  • secrets and charmsSecrets and Charms came out last December. Right before Christmas, though the book has nothing to do with the holiday season. The story takes place in the same world as Secrets and Ink—that is, in sunny Los Angeles—but it's more spin-off than sequel. The protagonist of this book is Olly, friend and coworker of Jem, the protagonist of the last book. More



Dead ManSecrets and High Spirits is the fourth, and for now the last installment in the series. It follows the romantic adventures of Dylan's best friend, Teag. The book is scheduled for release in October.

Dead Man I recently finished a paranormal novella that was supposed to be a short story. The plot ran away with me, and instead of the five to ten thousand words I produced twenty-four thousand. These things happen. I call it One Hex Too Many. Hecate willing, it'll be published in an anthology sometimes this fall.

Dead Man The tentatively titled Dead and Unfund is still in editing, due to me being overwhelmed with other things. If ever finish this novella will be the third and last installment in the L.A. Paranormal series featuring Psychic Pet Finder Leander Thorne and his anxiety-prone boyfriend Jon Cooper.