• Dead ManDead Mand and the Army of Frogs is the second full book in the Dead Man series. Denton, the necromancer and his witchy boyfriend, Bran, are busy ridding Chicago of spirits of all kinds. Bran's dad makes an appearance, and Murry, the cat demonstrates his skills. More
  • Temper Sanguine, the sequel to Spirit Sanguine, takes Harvey, the vegetarian vampire, and his slayer boyfriend, Gabe, to interesting new places, many of them underground. More...
  • Dead ManDead Mand and the Lustful Spirit is a kinky short story set in Chicago and the same world as the Sanguine stories and the previeous Dead Man book. It's available as a free download at all the usual retailers. More
  • Secrets and Ink was published by Samhain in December, 2013. It's a contemporary story set in and around Hollywood, involving movie stars, sex, secrets, and murder. More



morts sous le soleilMorts sous le soleil is the French translation of two of my self published paranormal novellas, Dead in LA and Dead in the Desert. The publisher is Reines-Beaux, a new but ambitious company, committed to bring gay romance to French readers. It'll come live on Halloween. More

secrets and charmsSecrets and Charms is slated to come out on December 23, 2014. Right before Christmas, though the story has nothing to do with the holiday season. The story takes place in the same world as Secrets and Ink—that is in sunny Los Angeles—but it's more spin-off than sequel. The protagonist of this book is Olly, friend and coworker of Jem, the protagonist of the last book. More

Dead ManI'm in the process of editing Secrets and Bow Ties, the third book in the Secrets series. The release is scheduled for May, 2014. This book too is a standalone, picking up the story of Olly's rommate Dylan, from Secrets and Charms. A fourth book, Secrets and High Spirits is planned for next year.

Dead ManKrampusz is a short story to be published as part of Dreamspinner Press' Advent Calendar collection this winter. It's about a shy young man who travels to Budapest in December and learns about strange local holiday customs.